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Slice Analysis

Evaluating a glass slice in cross-section to verify surface compression and mid-plane tension is a highly recommended QC practice.

Strainoptics offers two polarimeter systems designed for this application, the PS-100-MW Polarimeter and the DIAS-1600 Digital Image Analysis System.

PS-100-MW Polarimeter. Supplied with a 75mm high-intensity light source, a microscope and a measuring wedge assembly.

The DIAS-1600 Digital Stress Analyzer is a machine-vision, PC-based workstation for off-line stress inspection. Measurement results are reported for individual points, as graphs of stress vs. position along any line, or as full-field color-coded quantitative stress maps.

Use of the DIAS-1600 provides the following benefits:

  • Quantitative retardation/birefringence or stress measurements in a user-friendly, menu-driven PC format
  • Easy visual inspection, eliminating errors and decisions based on the user’s visual judgment
  • Reproducible, accurate results
  • Automatic calibration

The DIAS-1600 produces FAST inspection results!

Refractive Index Matching Fluid:

  • Available in 4 oz (120 cc), 16 oz (473 cc), or 1 gal (3785 cc) sizes
  • RI = 1.52 for use with float glass in immersion cells only – (For GASP use, specify RI = 1.54)

Click on this link for a PDF version of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS): MSDS-MIF.pdf