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Strainoptics is proud to release the GASP PRO, the newest member of the GASP® Family

The GASP Pro is the latest innovative step forward from Strainoptics, your surface stress measurement experts for the past THIRTY YEARS.

Takes measurements automatically and in real time – the only polarimeter that can do this, allowing you to spot-check your glass quickly and easily.

Capture your measurement data and fringe pattern images on the GASP Pro hard drive, then transfer all data to a central database by simply logging onto the GASP Pro from a PC and downloading what you need.

Upgrade your existing GASP to GASP Pro by yourself. GASP Pro upgrade kits are sold pre-calibrated and are easily installed onto your existing GASP body. No need to send your GASP to us.

GASP Pro comes with a mobile phone and phone mount, allowing for attached or detached use – take measurements up to 25 feet away from the device.

Use any mobile device and any number of devices with GASP Pro. Multiple users can log onto the GASP Pro at once via a unique wifi hotspot. GASP Pro works anywhere.

The GASP® is the industry standard polarimeter for measuring the surface stress of glass. It is the proven, internationally recognized solution for measuring surface stress in heat-strengthened and tempered glass in accordance with ASTM C1048.

Strainoptics has continued to provide innovative improvements to the function and design of the GASP ever since its initial release in 1990. The GASP PRO is the latest addition the GASP family, the result of years of experience, customer feedback, and innovative ideas from the surface stress experts.
Since their introduction to the glass market in 1990, Strainoptics’ GASP® Polarimeters have been the the world renowned instrument for measuring the surface stress of soda-lime glass. Each GASP is portable, easy to use, and can be used on tempered, heat-strengthened, or annealed glass. They are used to validate furnace settings for manufacturers of safety glass, to confirm stress-relief in annealed glass, for outbound QC by tempering plants, or by architects and building inspectors to validate strength of installed panes.

GASP is used on Architectural Glass or Automotive Glass

See GASP-CS for curved glass surfaces like windshields and sunroofs below!
Each Strainoptics Surface Stress Polarimeter is:

  • Non-destructive
  • Easy to operate
  • Compliant with all industry specifications, including ASTM C1048, C1279 and the new compulsory EN-12150 and EN-1863 standards and CE marking requirements for testing mechanical strength in architectural glass
  • Appropriate for in-plant or field use
  • Available for flat or curved surfaces (see GASP-CS below)

Strainoptics GASP® Family

Celebrating 30 Years of reliable, repeatable surface stress measurements

The Original Laser-GASP

  • Released in 1990. Thirty Years of Trusted Measurements
  • Economical, but still just as reliable


  • Attached LCD-Screen
  • The original video GASP


  • Embedded Touchscreen
  • Embedded Pyrometer
  • Custom Report Generation


  • Automatic, Live, Real-time measurements
  • Simple data export
  • Attached or detached screen
  • Multiple users or devices

GASP® Grazing Angle Surface Polarimeter – Measure Surface Stress in Tempered, Heat-Strengthened, or Annealed Glass in Accordance with ASTM C1048

Other GASP Models


The Auto-GASP2 is Strainoptics’ semi-automatic GASP that has an attached touchscreen, making it even easier to comply with ASTM standards for measuring surface stress in heat-treated or fully-tempered glass. Other New Features:

  • Custom report generation – the Auto-GASP2 can accommodate multiple users, numbers of measurements, and wedges.
  • An SD card reader for easy data transfer to a PC.
  • Manual measurement overriding in case of a poor image
  • Automatic notification that your calibration is up for renewal
  • Embedded pyrometer so you can be sure your glass is at thermal equilibrium
NOTE: The accuracy of measurements using the AUTO-GASP2 is dependent upon the quality of the image obtained by the operator and the composition of the glass. Strainoptics will gladly evaluate your samples for suitability free of charge.


The LCD-GASP comes with an attached 3.5″ LCD monitor for easy viewing by multiple users. Once you attain a satisfactory image on the LCD screen, simply look up the angle on your GASP polarimeter chart and find the surface stress in your glass. While the Laser-GASP (below) is meant for use by one operator in a horizontal orientation, the LCD-GASP is:

  • Easily used by Multiple people at once
  • Easily used on vertical glass surfaces (see vertical attachment accessory below)

Laser GASP

If you don’t need the LCD monitor, we still offer our standard, tried-and-true Laser GASP. The Laser GASP Surface Stress Polarimeter has an eyepiece instead of an LCD screen and just as portable and reliable as the LCD-GASP.

GASP Types

Each GASP Model above can be supplied in the follow TYPES


The GASP-CS is Strainoptics GASP primarily meant for use on Automotive Glass – windshields and sunroofs. While standard GASP polarimeters are for flat or slightly curved surfaces, the GASP-CS has a modified body and adjustable legs to make it easy to measure surface stress on curved glass with a radius of less than a 200mm (~8 inches).


While standard GASP polarimeters have a broad measurement range of up to 25,000 psi (180 MPa) and are primarily meant for heat-strengthened or tempered glass, Strainoptics also offers the GASP-HS, a high-sensitivity GASP for measuring annealed glass. The GASP-HS comes with a 2X measuring wedge and measures up to 12,500 psi (90 MPa).


What do you get when you combine the GASP-CS (for curved glass) with the GASP-HS (high-sensitivity)? You get a

GASP-CS-HS, which is a high-sensitivity GASP for curved glass.

GASP Surface Polarimeter Accessories

GASP Pro Upgrade Kit

One of the benefits of the GASP Pro is that you can upgrade your instrument yourself. No need to send your GASP back to us – the GASP Pro Upgrade Kit comes pre-calibrated, allowing you to easily transform your Laser- or LCD-GASP to a GASP Pro. Each GASP Pro Upgrade Kit includes;

  • GASP Pro Computer Board & Camera module
  • GASP Pro Battery Pack
  • Pre-Configured Mobile Phone
  • Microfiber glass cleaning wipe
  • All necessary set screws and hex keys

GASP Care Kit

The NEW GASP Care Kit includes all of the most common parts of a GASP that need replacement. Keep one on the shelf for emergencies! Each GASP Care Kit includes;

  • Exit and entrance prisms
  • Laser module
  • Isopropyl alcohol cleaning fluid
  • Rotating Mirror
  • Microfiber glass cleaning wipe
  • All necessary set screws and hex keys

UV Lamps

for detecting the tin side of float glass:

  • UV-STI-26 Rechargeable Double-Tube Ultraviolet Lamp
  • UV-STI-1301 Mini Ultraviolet Lamp

CAL-PLATE Accessory

  • Glass reference standard with certified surface stress value
  • Enables verification of instrument accuracy
  • Ideal for operator training
  • Available for standard and high-sensitivity GASP wedges

Refractive Index Matching Fluid:

  • Available in 4 oz (120 cc), 16 oz (473 cc), or 1 gal (3785 cc) sizes
  • RI = 1.54 for use with GASP only – (For immersion cells, specify RI = 1.52)


Each GASP comes in a heavy duty plastic case with protective foam packaging and the Strainoptics logo stamped right into it. They are tough to damage but if you need a replacement case or a spare, we always have them in stock.