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Architectural Glass – Strainoptics Polariscopes, Polarimeters, and Roll Wave Gauges

Strainoptics manufactures a complete line of manually operated and automated equipment for measuring residual stress and roller wave distortion in annealed, heat-strengthened, tempered, and safety glass.

Please click on any of the product photos to learn more about that specific instrument.


ELG-100 (below) is the ideal instrument for measuring edge lift (or edge curl) in architectural glass


The GASP® polarimeter is the instrument recommended by ASTM and other international standards groups for measuring surface stress in all types of heat-treated glass. Conforms to European EN-12150 mandates!


PSV-100 Strain Viewer

Portable Strain Viewer (polariscope) for qualitative stress pattern observation on a small scale.


PS-100 Polarimeter System

For precise quantitative measurement of residual stresses in all architectural glasses.


GES-100 Edge-Stress Meter

Polarimeter for quantitatively measuring edge stress in architectural glass (to verify temper quality).

Roller Wave

Roller-Wave Gauges

Instrument for measuring optical distortion in tempered glass.