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GES-100 Edge-Stress Meter

The GES-100 Edge-Stress Meters are light, portable, battery-operated instruments that are specially designed to measure edge stress in annealed, heat-strengthened, and tempered glass. These instruments are used for non-destructive, precision measurement in accordance with ASTM test method C-1279. GES-100 Edge Stress Meters can be used on both flat and curved glass.

Models include:

GES-100 Edge-Stress Meter
Includes a double-wedge compensator, generally used for tempered glass applications.

GES-100-MWA Edge-Stress Meter
General-purpose instrument includes a single-wedge compensator.

GES-100-MWA-HS High Sensitivity Edge-Stress Meter
Special model for annealed glass measurement or other low-stress applications where greater measurement sensitivity is desired.