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Polarimeter Accessories – Add a Compensator, Wavelength Filter, Calibration Gauge, or Digital Camera to your Polarimeter

LWC-100 Compensator

LWC-100 Compensator, Scale Readout. Single-wedge Babinet type. Standard range 0-2500 nm.

DWC-100 Compensator

DWC-100 Compensator, Digital Readout. Double-wedge Babinet Soleil type. Standard range 0-2500 nm. Comes with accessory mount for PS-100.

FC-100 Fringe Comparator

FC-100 fringe order color comparator allows for easy qualitative comparison. No calibration certificate provided.

RPLP-100 Full Wave Tint Plate

Adds one full wavelength to retardation, which enhances the visualization of very low stresses. A small version, the RP-100, is also available.

SWF-100 Standard Wavelength Filter

Large standard wavelength filter improves contrast in high-stress samples. The SWF-100 aids in calibration of compensators. Available in SWF-100-LF (standalone) and SWF-100-LP (attached to polarimeter, swings in/out of view) varieties.


Our I-CELL Immersion cells reduce the lensing effect of objects with curved surfaces or other odd geometries. Ours standard I-CELLs have interior dimensions of 4″x8″x2″, anodized aluminum sides and a stress-free bottom. Custom sizes available upon request.

Strain Disk Set

Strain Disks are used to measure container glass in accordance with ASTM C148 and are included with Strainoptics PS-100-C148 Polarimeter System. The set of five strain disks are used as reference standards to compare polariscopic colors exhibit by containers.

Calibration Gauge

Use our standard calibration gauge (CALGAGE-ST) to verify that your instrument is measuring in accordance with ASTM C1426-99. Each calibration gauge comes with a calibration certificate.
Custom calibration gauges are also available upon request.

Strainoptics also manufactures polarizing illuminators, with plane or circular polarization, ranging in size from 8” x 8” to 18” x 48” (or larger on special order). Please call for a price quotation.