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Roller Wave Gauge and Edge-Lift Gauge – Strainoptics Instruments for Measuring Roll Wave Distortion in Architectural Glass

Roller wave distortion can be visually observed in tempered and heat-strengthened glass. The heat treatment process can cause the glass to bow and warp, viewed as ripples or optical distortion of reflected images.

Strainoptics manufactures two basic types of manually operated roller wave gauges, the flat-bottom type and the three-point contact type. Each roller wave gauge can be used with test methods published by the Glass Association of North America (GANA) and ASTM C1651.

RWG-DF Digital Flat-Bottom Gauge

The RWG-DF roller wave gauge has a 16″ long delrin-coated base and an LCD digital readout. The RWG-DF measures peak-to-valley depth of the roller wave in accordance with ASTM C1651 with a resolution of 0.01 mm (0.0005″).

RWG-USB Input Tool and Remote Cable for Direct-to-PC Data Entry

This accessory allows automatic direct entry of measured roller wave data into Excel or other spreadsheet programs using button on digital indicator or on remote cable. The RWG-USB tool works with the RWG-D or RWG-DF roller wave gauge and includes Excel software for easy compliance with new ASTM Test Method C1651-08.

RWG-I and RWG-M Dial Gauges

The RWG-I and RWG-M roller wave gauges are like the RWG-DF but have analog dial indicators in either inch (I) or metric (M) units. These roller wave gauges measures peak-to-valley depth of the roller wave in accordance with ASTM C1651.

ELG-100 Edge-Lift Gauge

Used for measuring edge lift (edge kink, edge curl) in flat glass. Ideal for production control and incoming QC of heat-treated glass. Controlling edge-lift reduces optical distortion and the chance of field failures in laminated units. Can also be used as a conventional flat-bottom roll wave gauge.

RWG-D Digital “Three-Point Contact” Gauge

Adjustable three-point contact bottom surface equipped with a battery-powered digital micrometer indicator. The RWG-D roller wave gauge measures peak-to-valley depth of the roller wave to 0.01 mm (0.0005″) in accordance with ASTM C1651.
We also offer the high-sensitivity RWG-D-HS with a resolution of 0.001 mm (0.00005″).