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GASP® Surface Polarimeter

The GASP® Polarimeter is also available with a video kit, and in a special CS version for use in measuring stress in curved glass.

Strainoptics’ GASP® Polarimeter is a portable instrument for measuring surface stress in heat-strengthened and tempered glass. It can also be used to confirm stress-relief in annealed glass and to validate furnace settings for manufacturers of safety glass.

The standard GASP model is for flat or slightly curved surfaces, while the GASP-CS version is designed to accommodate a curvature greater than 8 inches (200 mm). Both models may be ordered with either a laser or fiberoptic light source. The laser model features a rechargeable battery pack and offers the broadest range of measurement, up to 25,000 psi (180 MPa).

Strainoptics’ GASP polarimeters are:

  • Non-destructive
  • Easy to operate
  • Complies with all industry specifications
  • For in-plant or field use. Available for flat or curved surfaces

Options & Accessories


Introducing the LCD Video GASP – the ideal solution for applications where a large volume of measurements are made daily. Perfect for using a digital camera to capture surface compression profiles for storage and analysis. This new model is battery- or ac-operated (specify when ordering) and replaces the standard eyepiece with a CCD video camera and a built-in 3-1/2″ LCD display to eliminate operator eye fatigue and parallax errors. Factory conversion from standard GASPs and video GASPs (separate CCTV monitor) is available on special order.


Now you can automatically measure surface stress on heat-treated glass per ASTM C1048 and C1279 with Point-and-Click Speed and Convenience after setting up the GASP on the uncoated, tin side of your glass.

Includes Video GASP, licensed software, and cables.

  • Conversion kit available for existing Video GASP customers.
  • Works with any Windows XP or Windows 7 desktop or laptop computer with two available USB ports.
  • No monitor or data board required.
  • Stores images and data for later retrieval and/or analysis
  • Multiple licenses available

UV Lamps

for detecting the tin side of float glass:

  • UV-STI-26 Rechargeable Double-Tube Ultraviolet Lamp
  • UV-STI-1301 Mini Ultraviolet Lamp

CAL-PLATE Accessory

  • Glass reference standard with certified surface stress value
  • Enables verification of instrument accuracy
  • Ideal for operator training
  • Available for standard and high-sensitivity GASP wedges

Refractive Index Matching Fluid:

  • Available in 4 oz (120 cc), 16 oz (473 cc), or 1 gal (3785 cc) sizes
  • RI = 1.54 for use with GASP only – (For immersion cells, specify RI = 1.52)


The GASP-STAND accessory is a portable benchtop platform that safely holds any Strainoptics Laser GASP® surface polarimeter when out of its carry case and not in use. It protects the instrument’s prisms from accidental damage and comes with a refillable plastic dispenser bottle and holder for GASP index matching fluid.

GASP and Index Matching Fluid Not Included