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PS-100 Polarimeter Systems for Automotive Glass

Other systems are available. Strainoptics can also custom-manufacture a system to your specifications. Please specify 110 or 220 Vac.

Strainoptics’ PS-100 Polarimeter System is a modular system, available in a variety of sizes and configurations. The systems described below are our most popular packages. Contact us if you are uncertain which package is the best choice for your application.

PS-100-SF Standard Field Polarimeter – General-purpose desktop system, with a 200 x 200 mm viewing area. Includes a circular/plane polarized illuminator and analyzer. Precision measurement of retardation, birefringence, orientation, stress or strain can be achieved in accordance with widely accepted test methods.

PS-100-MW Polarimeter – Supplied with a 75mm high-intensity light source, a microscope, and a measuring wedge assembly. Often used to evaluate surface compression and mid-plane tension in a glass slice. Video zoom systems for high-magnification, depth of compression layer, and defect detection are also available (PS-100-DWC-HS).

PS-100-Digivideo Polarimeters – PS-100 with USB digital camera and 10:1 zoom lens, high-intensity light source, measuring wedge assembly, and digital imaging software. Pre-configured computer available upon request.

PS-100-1011 Large Field Polarimeter – Tripod-mounted analyzer for horizontal viewing of larger samples; features a 250 x 280 mm viewing area. Ideal for automotive glass and container glass applications.

Accessories such as tint plates, babinet or babinet soleil compensators, strain disc sets, microscopes, immersion cells, camera adapters, or other options can be used with most systems to suit the application.