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Chemically Strengthened Glass – Strainoptics CSG-100 for Chemically Strengthened Glass

To measure surface stress in chemically strengthened glass, Strainoptics offers a system that complies with ASTM C1422 using a special, high-magnification polarizing microscope (CSG-100). The ASTM International test method ( uses photoelastic colors to observe a specially prepared “slice” in cross-section. The stress pattern near the glass edge reveals both surface compression and case depth.


CSG-100-V Polarizing Microscope System

The Strainoptics CSG-100 Polarizing Microscope System is a laboratory instrument that has been designed and engineered for quality control and research applications involving characterization of specimens conforming to ASTM C1422, “Standard Specification for Chemically Strengthened Flat Glass.”

With magnification factors of 100x or 500x (immersion), it enables easy visual identification of stress birefringence (fringe order) as a means of measuring surface compression. In addition, an integrated positioning stage and eyepiece reticle enable accurate measurement of the ion exchange depth (case depth) in microns. Complete instructions and official copy of C1422 included.

The CSG-100 Polarizing Microscope System is available in two configurations:

CSG-100-BS. Basic system with all components required for visual observation and measurement using the microscope eyepiece. Includes 10x binocular eyepieces, two turret-mounted objectives (10x, 50x immersion), mechanical X-Y stage, 30W halogen light source with achromatic condenser, monochromatic filter, and dust cover. Also includes trinocular head and ISO C-mount adapter for attaching a suitable camera.

CSG-100-V. Includes all features of CSG-100-BS, but adds a digital video camera with imaging software and a 19” high-resolution LCD monitor. Note: Stress measurement software is not included or offered.