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DIAS-1600 Digital Image Analysis System (Stress Analyzer) – Automatically Measure Low-Stress Glass and Plastics

The DIAS-1600 Digital Image Analysis System, or Stress Analyzer, uses digital imaging technology for stress inspection applications. This PC-based system is used for quality control, process control, failure analysis, product development and research to ensure that residual stresses remain within specified limits. This package is ideal for products in which very low stresses can hamper product performance, such as optical components, lenses, compact disks, annealed parts, glass seals, TV glass, etc.

Measurement results are reported:

  • for individual points
  • as graphs of stress vs. position along any line
  • as full-field color-coded quantitative stress maps

Use of the DIAS-1600 provides the following benefits:

  • Quantitative retardation/birefringence or stress measurements in a user-friendly, menu-driven PC format
  • Easy visual inspection, eliminating errors and decisions based on the user’s visual judgement
  • Reproducible, accurate results
  • Automatic calibration