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Float Glass – Strainoptics Polarimeters for Stress Measurement in Float Glass

Float plants typically require stress measurement in two locations – on line and off line. Strainoptics offers instruments for each application.

  • On-Line Stress Scanner (SCA-1500T) for stress measurement across the entire ribbon. The SCA-1500T also measures temperature and thermal stresses, providing all data in real time to a PC workstation for export to excel.

  • PS-100-MW Polarizing Microscope for float glass “slice analysis”. The PS-100-MW allows float glass manufacturers to cut a slice of their glass and measure mid-plane tensile stresses in the lab. These instruments work wonderfully together at float plants worldwide.

SCA-1500T Stress Scanner

SCA-1500T Float Glass Stress Scanners

are found in float glass factories around the world, providing real-time stress and temperature data across the entire ribbon.

PS-100-MW Polarizing Microscope

PS-100-MW Polarizing Microscope

This instrument allows for the precise quantitative measurement of the tensile stress mid-layer of float glass.