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Strainoptics Instruments – List of Polarimeters and Polariscopes manufactured by Strainoptics

Below are direct links to web pages for all Polarimeters and Polariscopes made by Strainoptics.

Click on any instrument each for detailed information and specifications.


Polarimeters are Quantitative Instruments

The GASP® Polarimeter

is the ASTM-recommended (C1048) instrument for measuring surface stress of heat-strengthened or tempered glass and other international standards (including EN-12150).

PS-100 Polarimeters

PS-100 Polarimeter Systems

come in a variety of configurations and comply with worldwide polarimetry standards and test methods, including ASTM D4093, ASTM C148, and ASTM F218.

PS-100 Polarimeters

PS-100-C148 Polarimeter 

is a specific PS-100 package for the inspection of glass containers in accordance with ASTM C148. The polarimeter comes with a set of 5 standardized strain disks for reference standards to colors emitted by containers.

SCA-1500T Stress Scanner

SCA-1500T Float Glass Stress Scanners

are found in float glass factories around the world, providing customers with stress and temperature measurements across their entire float glass ribbon.


VRP-100 Reflection Polarimeter

Measure tensile or compressive stresses in the “black band” region of windshields or sunroofs.


PES-100 Automated Edge-Stress
Measurement System

Automatically measures, graphs, and stores edge stress data objectively and accurately.


GES-100 Edge-Stress Meter

Polarimeter for quantitatively measuring edge stress in architectural glass (to verify temper quality).


PS-100-E671 Polarimeter 

is a specific PS-100 package for the inspection of laboratory glass containers in accordance with ASTM E671. The polarimeter comes with a full wave tint plate, a mono-chromatic filter, and a calibration gauge.


Polariscopes are Qualitative Instruments
Strain Viewers

Large Field Strain Viewers

View stress patterns in your glass or plastic samples. We have standard stocked sizes but can make any custom size for you.


PSV-100 Strain Viewer

Portable Strain Viewer (polariscope) for qualitative stress pattern observation on a small scale.


Roller Wave Gauge

Roller-Wave Gauges

Instrument for measuring optical distortion in tempered glass.