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LT-2100 Light Transmission Measurement System – Measures Transmission of Light through Any Material

The Strainoptic LT-2100 Light Transmission Measurement System is a bench-top instrument that measures the percentage of light through any transmissive material, from 0-100%. Ideal for automotive glass applications, it conforms to ISO 3538 and ECE-R43 regulations (Annex 3 par. 9.1) and can be used in conjunction with the following tests for light transmission: Annex 3, par. 9.1.2 and ANSI Z26.1.

The rigid bench construction and open sample throat design of the LT-2100 provides a stable platform for all types of automotive glass, and allows transmission tests to be performed at the actual installation angle for more accurate results. Its precision optoelectronics are insensitive to interference from ambient light sources.


Range 0-100% transmissivity
Display 4 digit LCD
Light Source Quartz halogen, 12 Vdc 20 W. Separate voltage control to ensure proper color temperature
Weight 24 kg (54 lb)
Power 110 V 60 Hz  220 V 50 Hz (optional)