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PES-100 Automated Edge-Stress Measurement System – Automatically and Objectively Measure Edge Stress in Tempered Glass

PES-100 Automated Edge-Stress Meter

The PES-100 Edge Stress measurement system automates the off-line measurement of edge stress in automotive, as well as other glass applications. It uses Strainoptics’ patented, non-destructive stress measurement technology, combined with proprietary and user-friendly Windows-based software to provide fast, accurate and repeatable readings of residual stress required for QC of automotive glazing.

Because the process is almost entirely automated, no special operator training or skills are required.

To obtain an automatic measurement of stress in a particular sample, the operator simply passes a lightweight scanning probe along several small (typically 2 to 4 inch) segments of the edge being inspected.

The software reports the maximum tensile and edge-compression stress values for each edge scan and also displays a graph of stress vs. position on the computer’s monitor. The entire process takes only seconds to complete.

In addition to point-to-point edge stress values, the software can also display maximum (peak) values for compressive and tensile stresses for any single edge scan or set of edge scans. The software allows stress values to be displayed in either psi or MPa units.

Additional features include fully automated system calibration, recognition and reporting of tensile vs. compressive stresses, and nearly maintenance-free operation.

For fast “pass or fail” QC applications, the PES-100 offers an Inspection Mode in which the operator scans a pre-selected number of points around the sample’s perimeter. A table of maximum tension and compression readings for each measurement point is then displayed, and can be quickly compared to acceptable levels. The data is automatically filed, including sample ID number, lehr number, shift or other user-defined fields.