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Polarimeters for Laboratory Glassware Containers – PS-100-E671 Polarimeter System for measuring in accordance with ASTM E671

Strainoptics’ PS-100-E671 is the Polarimeter System specifically designed to measure residual stress in glass laboratory containers in accordance with ASTM E671 – Standard Specification for Maximum Permissible Thermal Residual Stress in Annealed Glass Laboratory Apparatus. The PS-100-E671 is a modular system that is sold with a full-wave tint plate (RPLP-100), a mono-chromatic filter (SWF-100-LP), and a calibration gauge (CALGAGE-ST). The Strainoptics PS-100-E671 Polarimeter System has a 200 x 200 mm viewing area and a plane polarizing illuminator and Senarmont dual-gauge rotation precision analyzer (A-100), which is calibrated in degrees for temper number.

If you are measuring your glass laboratory containers in accordance with ASTM E671, this Strainoptics system is a must.

Contact us if you are uncertain if the PS-100-E671 is the best choice for your application.


Accessories such as tint plates, babinet or babinet soleil compensators, strain disc sets, microscopes, immersion cells, camera adapters, or other options can be used with most systems to suit the application.

To check whether the retardation in your samples are variably distributed, try our Sample Tilting Stage, great for the measurement procedure illustrated in ASTM E671 Figure 1. It holds your sample at the angle of your choosing and displays the angle value for input in your stress calculation.