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Polarimeters for Glass Containers – PS-100-C148 Polarimeter System for measuring in accordance with ASTM C148

Strainoptics’ PS-100-C148 is the Polarimeter System you need to measure glass containers in accordance with ASTM C148 – Standard Test Methods for Polariscopic Examination of Glass Containers. The PS-100-C148 is a modular system that is sold with a set of five standardized strain disks that are used as reference standards to compare polariscopic colors exhibit by containers. The instrument is also sold with our RPLP-100 Full Wave Tint Plate. The Strainoptics PS-100-C148 Polarimeter System has a 200 x 200 mm viewing area and a plane polarizing illuminator and analyzer, which is calibrated in degrees for temper number. If you are measuring your glass containers in accordance with ASTM C148, this Strainoptics system is a must.

Contact us if you are uncertain if the PS-100-C148 is the best choice for your application.


Accessories such as tint plates, babinet or babinet soleil compensators, strain disc sets, microscopes, immersion cells, camera adapters, or other options can be used with most systems to suit the application.