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PS-100 Polarimeter – Versatile Polarimeter for Measuring Stress in Glass or in Plastics in accordance with ASTM D4093, ASTM C148, ASTM F218

All Strainoptics PS-100 Polarimeters comply with worldwide polarimetry standards and test methods, including ASTM D4093, ASTM C148, and ASTM F218

Other systems are available. Strainoptics can also custom-manufacture a system to your specifications. Please specify 110 or 220 Vac.

Digitally Store Stress Measurements!

Equip your PS-100 with a Digital Camera!

PS-100-SF Standard Field Polarimeter – General-purpose desktop system, with a 200 x 200 mm viewing area. Includes a circular/plane polarized illuminator and analyzer. Precision measurement of retardation, birefringence, orientation, stress or strain can be achieved in accordance with widely accepted test methods.

PS-100-MW Microscope/Polarimeter System – Supplied with a 75mm high-intensity LED light source, a microscope, and a measuring wedge assembly with digital readout. Often used to evaluate surface compression and mid-plane tension in a glass slice. Video zoom systems for high-magnification, depth of compression layer, and defect detection are also available (PS-100-DWC-HS).

PS-100-1011 Large Field Polarimeter – Tripod-mounted analyzer for horizontal viewing of larger samples; features a 250 x 280 mm viewing area. Ideal for automotive glass and container glass applications.

Accessories such as tint plates, babinet or babinet soleil compensators, strain disc sets, microscopes, immersion cells, camera adapters, or other options can be used with most systems to suit the application.

Polarimeter Accessories

LWC-100 Compensator

LWC-100 Compensator, Scale Readout. Single-wedge Babinet type. Standard range 0-2500 nm.

DWC-100 Compensator

DWC-100 Compensator, Digital Readout. Double-wedge Babinet Soleil type. Standard range 0-2500 nm. Comes with accessory mount for PS-100.

FC-100 Fringe Comparator

FC-100 fringe order color comparator allows for easy qualitative comparison. No calibration certificate provided.

RPLP-100 Full Wave Tint Plate

Adds one full wavelength to retardation, which enhances the visualization of very low stresses. A small version, the RP-100, is also available.

SWF-100 Standard Wavelength Filter

Large standard wavelength filter improves contrast in high-stress samples. The SWF-100 aids in calibration of compensators. Available in SWF-100-LF (standalone) and SWF-100-LP (attached to polarimeter, swings in/out of view) varieties.


Our I-CELL Immersion cells reduce the lensing effect of objects with curved surfaces or other odd geometries. Ours standard I-CELLs have interior dimensions of 4″x8″x2″, anodized aluminum sides and a stress-free bottom. Custom sizes available upon request.

SA-100 Senarmont Analyzer

Senarmont analyzers are available with calibrated scales indicating either fractional fringe order (0.0 to 1.0), direct retardation (0 to 565 nm), angular rotation (0 to 180 or 360 degrees), or temper level (per ASTM C148).

Strain Disk Set

Strain Disks are used to measure container glass in accordance with ASTM C148 and are included with Strainoptics PS-100-C148 Polarimeter System. The set of five strain disks are used as reference standards to compare polariscopic colors exhibit by containers.

Calibration Gauge

Use our standard calibration gauge (CALGAGE-ST) to verify that your instrument is measuring in accordance with ASTM C1426-99. Each calibration gauge comes with a calibration certificate.
Custom calibration gauges are also available upon request.

Strainoptics also manufactures polarizing illuminators, with plane or circular polarization, ranging in size from 8” x 8” to 18” x 48” (or larger on special order). Please call for a price quotation.