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RPSV-100 Reflective Polariscope – Strain Viewer for Stress Patterns in Black Band Region of Windshields and Sunroofs

In tempered, heat-strengthened and laminated automotive glass, a complex stress distribution develops near the glass edges, which can result in a tensile imbalance if not controlled. This can cause cracking during installation or field failures due to minor scratches or impacts. The RPSV-100 Reflective Strain Viewer allows inspection for non-uniform stress distribution and tensile imbalance in the non-transmitting painted “black band” areas of automotive glass. It may also be used to evaluate through-thickness stress in many annealed or heat-treated enameled glass products without ceramic frit removal, and in clear areas using the reflector accessory supplied with the instrument.

The RPSV-100 is equipped with an adjustable-intensity LED illuminator and a 100 x 100 mm (4 x 4 in) field of view. It is ideal for field inspection and features circular polarization to eliminate the need for special positioning of the instrument or sample. Options:


  • Full-wave tint plate (adds color for improved visibility of low stresses)
  • SWF-100 monochromatic filter to aid in visualization of edge stresses
  • Reflective cal-gage reference standard for instrument verification and training