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SCA-3000P Automated Off-Line Stress Scanner for Plastic Film and other Low Stress Plastics

Strainoptics’ field-proven off-line scanners are custom-engineered for many quality control inspection applications to measure stress and/or birefringence. Typical products include biaxially or uniaxially oriented plastic films, a variety of fabricated glass products and PDP and TFT-LCD display panels.

Systems are completely customizable and can be configured to your hardware and software specifications including special fixturing, manual or motorized product feed systems, special software features, file storage formats and signal outputs.

The Strainoptic SCA-3000P Automated Off-Line Stress Scanner is a non-destructive, non-contact measurement system that is PC-based, and requires no special skills or knowledge of photoelasticity. It eliminates operator training issues and subjectivity, with a precision unmatched by any other instrument.