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Strainoptics SCA-1500T Stress Scanner for Float Glass – Measure Stress Across Entire Float Glass Ribbon

Stress Scanners
To ensure optimum cutting performance, we recommend measuring stress in cross-section through the thickness of the glass. To learn more, please click here.

Strainoptics’ SCA-1500T on-line float glass stress scanner automatically measures and reports residual stress across the glass ribbon at the cold end of the float line. The user-friendly, PC-based operation requires no special operator skills or training. Field-proven technology and reliability have made the SCA-1500T the choice of the world’s leading primary glass manufacturers.

  • Measures an unlimited range of measured retardation with resolution of 1 nm (15 psi in 1/8-inch glass)
  • Capable of measuring retardation in materials as hot as 100˚ C
  • Speed of response (100 milliseconds) exceeds all other glass stress measuring instruments
  • Displays graphs and tables of total stress, thermally induced (temporary) stress, permanent  stress, or all three
  • Provides automatic data storage!

Another option is Strainoptics’ PS-500 On-Line Visual System for monitoring stress in float glass. Easy, accurate, and cost-effective way to optimize process control to improve cutting and product quality. Custom-built for installation adjacent to your catwalk.

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Stress Scanners