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VRP-100 Reflection Polarimeter – Measure Tension in the Blank Band Region of Automotive Windshields and Sunroofs

VRP-100 Reflection Polarimeter System

The VRP-100 Reflection Polarimeter System enables fast, accurate, and non-destructive measurement of residual stress in automotive windshields and other glass products containing black bands or painted areas. In fact, sensitivity and precision of the system is effectively twice that of transmissive systems. It is currently in use by many of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers and automotive glass fabricators.

The VRP-100 permits accurate stress measurement within the black painted band, without the need for removing paint or making special parts. The polarimeter provides a full-field view of the edge region, allowing the operator to recognize problem areas at a glance. A reflective target allows clear areas of the glass to be measured. Options include a calibration gauge, a telescope attachment for measuring edge compression, and a high-intensity illuminator for measuring in transmissive mode.

In addition to high-efficiency polarization optics, the VRP-100 system is supplied with an 80-watt LED fiberoptic illuminator (high-output LED illuminator available for very dark glass) and a Senarmont analyzer with a color-enhancing full wave tint plate. Measurements are read directly from a calibrated scale.